There are many players in the real estate market in Koh Samui and sometimes it is difficult, especially if one lives most of the year outside of the island, to know them all and do choose only one partner can be more effective and simpler.

SAMUI HOME EXPERT offers a package but also the possibility to subscribe only some of these services according to your needs and your desires.
Our Package is offered at Villa 10 000THB per month price includes the following services:

  • Creation of a Villa manual / welcome booklet/ Inventory
  • Preparation of guest(s) arrival(s) and welcoming products
  • Marketing of the villa
  • Management of garden and outdoor maintenance
  • Management of pool maintenance
  • Management of cleaning team and laundry
  • Visits to the villa at regular intervals
  • Management of emergencies
  • Management of all Check In and Check out, including those coming from other agents
  • Management of deposit
  • Management of all utilities contracts and bills (water, internet, electricity, etc…)
  • Monthly accounting report with personalized internet access for the owner
  • Organization and supervision of the termite control visits as stipulated in the owner’s contract.

We can provide additional services and we offer you the possibility to terminate the contract without notice.


With an experience as a maintenance company in Paris and in Thailand, we are able to do your emergency repairs or your renovation and development.
It will be very simple to entrust us your requirements and above all to obtain the desired result.
Estimate on request, advices, quick answers and quality of service are the appointments SAMUI HOME EXPERT.


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